Boom Fantasy Tuesday Night Slate – Week 6, October 12th – We have another week with the UNIQUE BOOM Fantasy one day NFL contests for Thursday, that is right – you will enter and be paid out tonight!

For DraftKings and FanDuel you have Thursday-Sunday slates which are worth playing, but BOOM Fantasy’s format allows you to just play the Thursday or the Monday game by itself which is fun and allows for same day payouts. Sign up for BOOM Fantasy and receive 30 free days of FanVice premium content >>> (click here) contact with any questions. BOOM is currently offering a 100% deposit bonus up to $200 and if you deposit $100+ you will receive two $5 tickets available for immediate use.

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Now back to the great analysis from Ben!

Most of you know me as a FanVice PGA analyst, but in addition to that I dabble in the higher stakes NFL DFS world as well as play a lot of NBA volume, in addition to some college football and basketball wagering.  With all this fun and excitment, who has time for sleep!?!? This has allowed me to carve out a nice non-traditional way to make a living.  The other thing I have learned is that we need to look for that mysterious “edge” where we can find it which will help tip the scales in our favor. Being a New York resident, I didn’t know much about BOOM Fantasy since I could only register for games when I was traveling outside of the state.

However, they just received approval from the New York State Legislature so I decided to check them out. Essentially, the contests are a series of “proposition-like” questions and as you select your answers, that forms your lineups.

This is a very unique style of gaming and runs counter choosing players within a salary cap and position requirement format like we are used to. This is where we should be able to find some advantages that the more casual players may overlook.  We will begin this journey together! BOOM Fantasy has the same type of contest familiar contest formats whether its multi-entry GPPs or H2Hs where you are taking on one opponent.


BOOM Fantasy Thursday Night Week 6

The NFL season rolls on as we kickoff Week 6 with a NFC matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Carolina Panthers. This game has shootout potential and also playoff implications as the NFC is wide open and these two are at the top both sitting at 4-1. Since BOOM offers single game slates here is a breakdown of how I will be approaching this Thursday night contest:

Question 1 – More Passing Yards – Carson Wentz or Cam Newton– Unlike Monday night football last week we have two quarterbacks who are the centers of their offense and can get hot in a hurry. Wentz is quickly rising the ranks and becoming one of the elite players in the league and Cam seems to have shaken off the early season rust and is getting back in his usual form. Wentz is the favorite here as he has been slinging it all over the place and with a limited running game to rely on he is going to be asked to do the heavy lifting so a 300 yard performance is not out of the question.  +25 points per passing yard

Question 2 – Most Rushing Yards – LeGarrette Blount, Jonathan Stewart, Wendall Smallwood, Christian McCaffrey – Another interesting question due to both teams having limited running back options. The Eagles have a stable of backs led by Blount, but Smallwood is currently a game time decision so keep an eye on that. The Panthers have Stewart who is more of the ground and pound guy while McCaffrey can catch and create some serious matchup problems all over the field. If Smallwood sits I think I lean Blount here as he should get the lion’s share of carries which is what we are looking for and McCaffrey may do more of his work via receiving yards. Each rushing yard will be awarded +100 points

Questions 3 – Most Receiving Yards – Alshon Jeffery, Christian McCaffrey, Torrey Smith, Ed Dickson– Alshon Jeffery has had brutal matchups for basically the entire year, so getting a crack at this defense is a welcomed sight for him. As mentioned in Question 2, McCaffrey should get his as well in this game and is always a homerun threat like Torrey Smith. Ed Dickson has been on fire, but I think that is a mirage so I will not be looking his way. Jeffery should be more involved with this easy matchup among this quartet but he will be the most popular play.  You can go for the high upside/lower ownership with either McCaffrey or Smith and hope they break a long one. Each receiving yard will be awarded +100 points

Question 4 – Most Receptions Devin Funchess, Nelson Agholor, Wendall Smallwood, Russell Shepard– With Smallwood banged up and Shepard not heavily involved this becomes a two-horse race. Funchess is starting to really come into his own and it seems like he and Cam have solid chemistry. This makes for a good question to correlate with Question 1 so I would go with the Cam-Funchess or Wentz-Agholor combos and hope they can connect early and often. Each reception will be awarded +1,000 points

Question 5 – Most TDs Zach Ertz, Kelvin Benjamin, LeGarrette Blount, Jonathan Stewart– Ertz is quickly becoming one of the elite tight ends in the entire league and is Wentz’ favorite target. Benjamin when healthy is a beast, but the Panthers do have a lot of weapons so getting enough volume can be an issue. Blount and Stewart are reliant on mostly goal line touches to find the end zone and Stewart always has to worry about Cam taking it himself so I do not think he is a worthwhile homerun option. I again will correlate with Q1 as Wentz-Ertz and Cam-Benjamin are both very solid stacks who can rack up points and TD’s in a hurry. Each touchdown will be awarded +6,000 points

Question 6 – More Passing TDs or 3 pointers Made – This is a new question with us having to try and predict either QB’s passing TDs vs 3 pointers made for Buddy Hield or Danilo Gallinari. The two NBA players are the favorites and I actual do think they have the inside track on this question. Keep an eye to make sure minutes are secure, but I will lean Buddy Hield here who has massive upside when he gets going. This TNF game does have shootout potential so in a larger tournament you can still go full stack and hope that either Wentz or Cam has a massive game giving you the inside track to hit the yards ,tds and receiver questions all together. +3000 points per Passing TD/3 pointer made

Question 7 – Total Receiving Yards for Zach Ertz– Wentz favorite target should get his as the Panthers defense is not what it once was. I will take a stab and say a 75 yard performance, which is slightly above his average would be in the range of what I expect to see from him this week.    +/- 3 yards – 30,000 points, +/- 10 yards 20,000 points, +/- 20 yards 10,000 points

Question 8 – Total Receiving Yards for Kelvin Benjamin– Panthers spread the ball around and Benjamin has been banged up already this year after suffering some serious injuries in the past. That is scary, but he is good to go this week and should be in line for a solid line with the points that are expected in this one. I will most likely fall in the 50+ yard category and think he does have some upside if he can get a quick start or if the Panther falls behind and have to play catch up.  +/- 3 yards – 30,000 points, +/- 10 yards 20,000 points, +/- 20 yards 10,000 points

I will be doing some other NFL content this year and still plan on crushing Golf year-round, but if you have any questions find me in the FanVice Premium slack chat or on Twitter @JazzrazDFS