Boom Fantasy Monday Night Slate – Week 6, October 16th – We have another week with the UNIQUE BOOM Fantasy one day NFL contests for Monday, that is right – you will enter and be paid out tonight!

For DraftKings and FanDuel you have Thursday-Sunday slates which are worth playing, but BOOM Fantasy’s format allows you to just play the Thursday or the Monday game by itself which is fun and allows for same day payouts. Sign up for BOOM Fantasy and receive 30 free days of FanVice premium content >>> (click here) contact with any questions. BOOM is currently offering a 100% deposit bonus up to $200 and if you deposit $100+ you will receive two $5 tickets available for immediate use.

Now back to the great analysis from Ben!

Most of you know me as a FanVice PGA analyst, but in addition to that I dabble in the higher stakes NFL DFS world as well as play a lot of NBA volume, in addition to some college football and basketball wagering.  With all this fun and excitment, who has time for sleep!?!? This has allowed me to carve out a nice non-traditional way to make a living.  The other thing I have learned is that we need to look for that mysterious “edge” where we can find it which will help tip the scales in our favor. Being a New York resident, I didn’t know much about BOOM Fantasy since I could only register for games when I was traveling outside of the state.

However, they just received approval from the New York State Legislature so I decided to check them out. Essentially, the contests are a series of “proposition-like” questions and as you select your answers, that forms your lineups.

This is a very unique style of gaming and runs counter choosing players within a salary cap and position requirement format like we are used to. This is where we should be able to find some advantages that the more casual players may overlook.  We will begin this journey together! BOOM Fantasy has the same type of contest familiar contest formats whether its multi-entry GPPs or H2Hs where you are taking on one opponent.


BOOM Fantasy Monday Night Week 6

We round out a wild Week 6 with a AFC South battle between the Colts and the Titans on Monday Night Football. Since BOOM offers single game slates here is a breakdown of how I will be approaching this Monday night contest:

Question 1 – More Passing Yards – Marcus Mariota, Jacoby Brissett, Matt Cassell – Mariota is likely to play which makes Cassell irrelevant, but keep an eye out as we get closer to lock. Mariota’s running upside should be more affected than his passing ability with a hamstring so I think he is the clear favorite here. Brissett has been solid so it’s not a plug and play, but I will most likely lean Mariota unless I stack the Colts on a given lineup.  +25 points per passing yard

Question 2 – Most Rushing Yards – DeMarco Murray, Frank Gore, Marlon Mack, Derrick Henry – Marlon Mack is slowing taking over the Colts running game as he just has the explosiveness that you need at the position. Frank Gore is still effective, but I think that becomes more and more of a time share as each week passes. Murray and Henry also make for a crowded backfield, but there is not enough bonus upside for me to take a shot with Henry here. I will lean toward Murray or take the wildcard in Mack and hope he can break a long run with his home run ability. Each rushing yard will be awarded +100 points

Questions 3 – Most Receiving Yards – Delanie Walker, Jack Doyle, Donte Moncrief, Eric Decker – Mariota being back gives a big boost to both Walker and Decker, and although Brissett has not been terrible he is not Andrew Luck. TY Hilton is the top dog for the Colts, but I am interested in Moncrief here as a potential long-shot. He seems to have a nice chemistry with Brissett and could make for an nice pivot off Delanie who is the favorite. Each receiving yard will be awarded +100 points

Question 4 – Most Receptions Corey Davis, Kamar Aiken, Taywan Taylor, Brandon Williams – Yikes this is not a question with great options. None of these guy are key weapons for their teams, but we still have to break it down. Corey Davis would be interesting, but he has health issues and has been out for the last few weeks so he might not even play. Kamar Aiken has shown signs of getting a decent chunk of offense over the last few weeks and I consider him the target here with the lack of options to choose from. Each reception will be awarded +1,000 points

Question 5 – Most TDs TY Hilton, Rishard Matthews, Jonnu Smith, Marlon Mack– TY Hilton is far and away the best player in this group and the most likely to find the end zone. Marlon Mack is also interesting as you could use as a home run option if you choose him in the earlier question and hope that he breaks a long play for a touchdown with all the bonus upside. Overall Each touchdown will be awarded +6,000 points

Question 6 – More Passing TD’s or Total Bases– This is a new question with us having to try and predict either QB’s passing TDs vs Total Bases in innings 3-9 for Jose Altuve or Didi Gregorius. Tough question to really break down, but I will lean with the QBs as neither defense is imposing and the baseball question is hard to predict with so many variables. Correlate this question to who you choose in Q1 as most likely the QB with the most passing yards find the end zone more often. +3000 points per Passing TD/Total Bases

Question 7 – Total Receiving Yards for Rishard Matthews– Mariota helps Matthews as Cassell was not exactly slinging it all over the field. I expect a solid game for the Titans WR with 50-60 yards being a reasonable target   +/- 3 yards – 30,000 points, +/- 10 yards 20,000 points, +/- 20 yards 10,000 points