Boom Fantasy Thursday Night Slate – Week 4, September 28th – We have another week with the UNIQUE BOOM Fantasy one day NFL contests for Thursday, that is right – you will enter and be paid out tonight!

For DraftKings and FanDuel you have Thursday-Sunday slates which are worth playing, but BOOM Fantasy’s format allows you to just play the Thursday game by itself which is fun and allows for same day payouts. Sign up for BOOM Fantasy and receive 30 free days of FanVice premium content >>> (click here) contact with any questions.

This week we are offering a special contest on BOOM Fantasy the FanVice $2 Dollar Holler where the top finisher with a FanVice avatar will get a pair of t-shirts, one from BOOM and one from FanVice. (avatars available in the FanVice slack chat, via Twitter or by clicking here).

Now back to the great analysis from Ben!

Most of you know me as a FanVice PGA analyst, but in addition to that I dabble in the higher stakes NFL DFS world as well as play a lot of NBA volume, in addition to some college football and basketball wagering.  With all this fun and excitment, who has time for sleep!?!? This has allowed me to carve out a nice non-traditional way to make a living.  The other thing I have learned is that we need to look for that mysterious “edge” where we can find it which will help tip the scales in our favor. Being a New York resident, I didn’t know much about BOOM Fantasy since I could only register for games when I was traveling outside of the state.

However, they just received approval from the New York State Legislature so I decided to check them out. Essentially, the contests are a series of “proposition-like” questions and as you select your answers, that forms your lineups.

This is a very unique style of gaming and runs counter choosing players within a salary cap and position requirement format like we are used to. This is where we should be able to find some advantages that the more casual players may overlook.  We will begin this journey together! BOOM Fantasy has the same type of contest familiar contest formats whether its multi-entry GPPs or H2Hs where you are taking on one opponent.


On to Week 4 of NFL football we go , with a NFC North divisional game between the Bears and the Packers. Since BOOM Fantasy can offer single game slates here is a breakdown of how I will be approaching this Monday night contest:

Question 1 – More Passing TDs – Aaron Rodgers or Mike Glennon – Not much to say here with one of the best QB’s at home going against one of the worst. The Bears have absolutely no weapons of Glennon to throw to and to make matters worse he is facing Rodgers who is obviously an elite QB. The upside bonus is not enough to entice me to take a risk with Glennon, I’ll be going chalk with Rodgers here. Each passing touchdown will be awarded +3,000 points

Question 2 – Most Rushing Yards – Jordan Howard, Ty Montgomery, Tarik Cohen, Aaron Rodgers – The Bears have been leaning on Howard as the feature back, but turn to Cohen for pass catching duties and when they are trailing. Since they are in Lambeau I think it’s pretty safe to say the game script is going to favor passing to Cohen rather than running with Howard. That hurts both Bears RB’s in this question, making Ty Montgomery the clear choice. If you think the Bears can hang in then I would go Howard as he has the volume to support the play. Each rushing yard will be awarded +100 points

Questions 3 – Most Receiving Yards – Kendall Wright, Zach Miller, Martellus Bennett, Geronimo Allison– So far, this year the Bears have been horrendous in utilizing the WR’s, which I do not blame them after looking over the position. They do not have much talent there and rely on RB check downs or trying to get Zach Miller at TE involved. Overall, it’s just an ugly situation, but if they are down they should be throwing early and often. Keep an eye on the injury report, as Randall Cobb’s status will be important here. If he is out I do not mind taking a longshot for a big bonus with Geronimo Allison, but that play would not be viable if Cobb is available. Each receiving yard will be awarded +100 points

Question 4 – Most Receptions Tarik Cohen, Davante Adams, Benny Cunningham, Lance Kendricks– Tarik Cohen seems to be the choice here even as the favorite. He is viable for around 10 targets and most of them are short, easy throws that should be completed. This give him great value on PPR sites as well as on a question like this. Again, we need to know the status of the Packers receivers to see if Davante Adams can be considered here, but I think Cohen is the clear favorite.   Each reception will be awarded +1,000 points

Question 5 – Most TDs Jordy Nelson, Jordan Howard, Ty Montgomery, Tarik Cohen– Tarik Cohen is the longshot here, but I could see a situation where you stack him in all these answers and hope he goes crazy. That’s a giant upside giant risk strategy since you are going to need him most likely to break a long TD. Ty Montgomery is in a nice spot as the third choice. He is basically the only guy the Packers use at RB and catches plenty of balls so volume is not a problem. With the Packers being a big favorite I think Montgomery gets in the endzone at least once making him a nice target.  Each receiving touchdown will be awarded +6,000 points

Question 6 – Made Field Goals vs Total Bases (Innings 3-9) – Now we get to the baseball field goal kicking question with Mason Crosby, Connor Barth, Eric Hosmer, and Miguel Cabrera listed. The question is now only factoring in innings 3-9 which is a bump down to the baseball guys, but still lean toward going with one of them. Miggy is questionable so make sure to check that they are in the lineup and have a decent matchup especially with more and more teams resting guys down the stretch. Each made field goal/base will be awarded +2,500 points

Question 7 – Receiving Yards for Davante Adams– Cobbs status is going to be important here. If he plays it’s a big bump down for Adams and I would not mind taking a shot with him having a quiet game. If Cobb is out again Adams has big upside, but still is not a guarantee with so many weapons on the Packers.  +/- 3 yards – 30,000 points, +/- 10 yards 20,000 points, +/- 20 yards 10,000 points

Question 8 – Receiving Yards for Jordy Nelson– Make sure you choose numbers that make sense in relation to Q7 as it is super unlikely that both Nelson and Adams have gigantic games or quiet games together. Jordy is always Rodgers go to guy and I would expect a big outing here with 75+ yards being a reasonable outcome. +/- 3 yards – 30,000 points, +/- 10 yards 20,000 points, +/- 20 yards 10,000 points

I will be doing some other NFL content this year and still plan on crushing Golf year-round, but if you have any questions find me in the FanVice Premium slack chat or on Twitter @JazzrazDFS