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NHL Power Plays – 12/15/16

NHL Power Plays – 12/15/16 We got a nice eight game slate tonight, with only one team playing on a back to back because of the small slate yesterday.  The Bruins are the only team that played last night, they are also playing their third game in four nights. Let’s dig into this slate and see if we can find you a couple guys to take down that gpp tonight.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on our Premium Slack Chat or on Twitter @Votts_DFS.   CENTERS   Austin Matthews – TOR vs ARI...

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NHL Power Plays – 12/10/16

NHL Power Plays – 12/10/16 Happy Saturday Vice squad! Hopefully you read the Power Plays article on Thursday and made out like a bandit, as team Vice squad killed it! The gamestack of the Oilers and Flyers went off for 11 goals total.  Our own FantasyShane took down the Forecheck and the 1K satty for the Q in Boston, he had a phenomenal night.  Yours truly scored a 62.1 in my lineup that I had as a  place setter lineup.  I reserved the contests I usually play every day, but I got caught in family obligations.  I lost track...

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NHL Power Plays – 12/08/16

NHL Power Plays – 12/08/16 Tonight we have a big ten game slate with a lot of even matchups, and it should be a fun slate to watch.  There are two teams playing on a back to back, and a couple playing their  game in four nights. Always make sure you double check your goalies, and players line assignments.  I usually try to tell the people in our premium Slack Chat the changes, or I will Tweet them out. Now let’s see if we can find you the plays to get you over the top to win that big...

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NHL Power Plays – 12/06/16

NHL Power Plays – 12/06/16 Welcome to the Tuesday night NHL slate, we have nine games on tap tonight.  It seems the ugly injury bug has made its way around the league once again, creating some nice matchups for us tonight.  Also, rest is another big thing to keep an eye out for on this slate.  I’m not saying base your play on it, but sometimes it is a good indication that if a team is tired, their play reduces quality and also penalties can be taken.  We have a nice size slate tonight so let’s see if we...

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NHL Power Plays – 12/03/16

NHL Power Plays – 12/03/16 Happy Saturday Vicesquad! We have got a nice split slate today with a total of twelve games.  There are four early games on the docket, but I will be focusing on the later games in this edition of NHL Power Plays.  If you would like to play the early slate and you have any questions, fire away in the premium Slack or on Twitter. All of the teams playing today are pretty well rested except for Pittsburgh and Dallas.  The Penguins are playing their third game in four nights, and the Stars are playing...

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