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NHL Power Plays – 3/2/17

NHL Power Plays 3/2/17       Thursdays nights are usually the bigger slates of the week, and this week is no different with a Ten game slate.  Trades were coming fast and furious before the deadline on Wednesday, there are a ton of players that have been traded as teams look to jockey in position for playoff races.  Rest shouldn’t be a big issue tonight because no one is playing on a back to back, but there are a couple teams playing their third game in four nights. The purpose of this article is to try to find a...

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NHL Power Plays – 2/28/17

NHL Power Plays 2/28/17       Tuesday nights are usually big nights in the NHL DFS world, and tonight is no different.  There are TWELVE games on tap for tonight.  With this massive size slate, the scoring is usually inflated so it’s going to take a big number to take something down tonight.  There are only three teams that are playing on back to back nights, but two of them are also playing their third game in four nights. There are a couple juicy matchups to target tonight and we will hit on them later, but let’s dig into...

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NHL Power Plays 2/26/17

NHL Power Plays 2/26/17    This week’s schedule is up and down because of the bye weeks. The goal of this article is to highlight and summarize the potential plays so we can focus our salary cap resources on a specific set of players. There are seven games on Sunday but only a five game main slate. Let’s get cracking on this edition of NHL Power Plays. What Went Wrong? Sadly, if it is an afternoon or early start game, it seems the New York Islanders just do not show up. Yesterday, they were trounced 7-0 by Columbus. Any...

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NHL Power Plays 2/25/17

NHL Power Plays 2/25/17   Happy Saturday Vicesquad!  Weekend slates are usually a little wacky because the slates are usually split slates. Fanduel has gone bonkers it seems and split the slate in half for some unknown reason.  DraftKings has done it right and made the lock time earlier and has included all seven games from 5:00 PM EST.  FantasyDraft has stuck to the normal lock times and made it a regular lock with only four games.  So when you are looking at slates make sure you are selecting the right slate and games.  I’m going to mainly focus...

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NHL Power Plays 2/23/17

NHL Power Plays 2/23/17 Well the NBA All-Star break has come and gone, but I think we may have found a couple new players for NHL which is always a good thing.  Hopefully one day these contests can have the same payouts every day, like they have been for the last week.  Tonight’s schedule is a little bit different for a Thursday night, there’s only six games on the slate but there are some nice contests to jump into.  Looking at rest situations, Boston is the only team on a back to back tonight as they continue their West...

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