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NHL Power Plays 12/29/16

NHL Power Plays 12/29/16 The first full slate back from holiday break is a mega slate with twelve games on tap.  There are a lot of great matchups that we should take advantage of tonight, to get us in the top tier of our GPP’s.  Let’s see if we can find you some value or even the studs that can bring you to the top of the leaderboard.  A couple teams are playing on back to back games tonight, but I’m not making it a point to avoid or target them because they did just come off of a...

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NHL GPP Plays 12/23/16

NHL Power Plays –12/23/16 Happy Friday Vicesquad! We head into the holiday break with what will be a night of chaos.  There is a massive 12 games on the slate for tonight.  The NHL is jamming their games in because there is a four day break with no games schedule, what are we going to do with no NHL for four days??? I believe that this will be one of the highest scoring nights of the year with all the teams on back to back games, and the rest situations are pretty insane.  We all know that when teams...

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NHL Power Plays – 12/22/16

NHL Power Plays –12/22/16 With only two games left before the Holiday break we got a nice ten game slate tonight.  Four teams played last night and  of the four, the only one playing again tonight is the Flyers.  There’s some nice matchups tonight, and it could be a great scoring night.  So let’s see if we can find you a couple guys to take home the big prize in tonight’s GPPS.  Good luck! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me on our Premium Slack chat, or on Twitter @Votts_DFS. Pricing used will be DraftKings unless...

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NHL Power Plays – 12/18/16

NHL Power Plays – 12/18/16 We end the week of NHL this Sunday with a small split slate, which are really tough to play.  It would be nice if the sites would do an all day slate to make up for the shortage of games, but that’s too much to ask for I think.  Anyways, when we approach small slate games with only a couple games I lower my level of play dramatically unless I have an extremely good feeling about a game or two.  Also small slates I would try to limit your cash game playing because hockey...

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NHL Power Plays – 12/17/16

NHL Power Plays – 12/17/16 It’s been a good week with some solid slates, and that brings us to Saturday with an eight game slate.  There is some nice value plays that we will get into tonight also.  The objective of this article is to try to uncover the plays who can win you the Big GPP.  There are a lot of teams on back to back nights so I’ll point them out to you also.  Good luck Vicesquad! If you have any questions, you can contact me on our Premium Slack Chat or on Twitter @Votts_DFS. BACK TO...

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