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NHL Power Plays 3/14/17

NHL Power Plays – 3/14/17 ***** The NJ Devils & Winnipeg Jets game has been canceled because of the snow. Tuesday night is here and we got a nice looking eight game slate with a couple obvious spots to target tonight.  We are going to get a rematch of last night’s 12 goal game between the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Islanders.  Maybe John Tavares can make it to the game tonight, we’ll see.   There are six teams playing on back to back nights, and every one of them is also playing their fourth game in six nights. ...

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NHL Power Plays 3/11/17

NHL Power Plays – 3/11/17 Saturday nights are usually bigger slates, and tonight is no different with nine games on tap.  There are a couple early games going on but I’m only writing up the main slate, you can contact me if you have any questions about the early slate.  Tonight we have five teams playing on a back to back, they are : Blue Jackets, Sabres, Panthers, Blues, and Penguins.  The Sabres and the Jackets are playing a home and home which means they played each other yesterday and the result was pretty much expected with a 4-3...

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NHL Power Plays – 3/9/17

NHL Power Plays – 3/6/17 It’s Thursday night and you know what that means… Mega slate Thursdays!  Tonight is no different with ten games on the docket.  The Ottawa Senators are the only team playing on a back to back tonight, and they are also playing their third game in four nights and also their fourth game in six nights.  It’s going to be tough to target them, but they have a decent matchup against the Coyotes.  The only other semi-unrested team is the New York Rangers, they had a night off but they are playing their third in...

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NHL Power Plays – 3/6/17

NHL Power Plays – 3/6/17 This week’s schedule is a bit more back to normal. The goal of this article is to highlight and summarize the potential plays so we can focus our salary cap resources on a specific set of players. There are just four games on Monday. Let’s get cracking on this edition of NHL Power Plays. What Went Wrong? Sadly, Arizona and Carolina went to the toilet once again but this time Carolina won with two goals. Anaheim was facing a backup and only scored once. Most of the games were low scoring and two of...

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NHL Power Plays – 3/4/17

NHL Power Plays 3/4/17       Happy Saturday ViceSquad!  We got a pretty packed ten game slate on tap for tonight.  Looking at the rest situation there are four teams playing on a back to back tonight, they are: Lightning, Jets, Blackhawks, and Red Wings.  When you are making you teams I can’t stress enough that you need to make sure your goalie is actually confirmed and starting.  Sites like,, and are great places for information but they tend to not be as quick because it’s the weekend.  Another great place to get up to the...

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