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NHL Power Plays 2/7/17

NHL Power Plays 2/7/17    Tuesday nights are usually big nights in the NHL DFS world, and tonight is no different.  There are eleven games on tap for tonight.  With this massive size slate, the scoring is usually inflated so its going to take a big number to take something down tonight.  There are only three teams that are playing on back to back nights.  They are Buffalo, Toronto, and St. Louis.  There are a couple juicy matchups to target tonight and we will hit on them later, but lets dig into the massive slate tonight and see If...

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NHL Power Plays 2/4/17

NHL Power Plays 2/4/17 Saturday night fever is here and the sites have brought us some real nice contests tonight with this beautiful ten game slate!  Let’s see if we can dance our way through the slate and find the best moves…. No pun intended!  Anyways, tonight’s slate is actually a good slate to play,  looking at the teams rest situations we have seven teams playing on back to backs so keep an eye out for news and please make sure your goaltender is CONFIRMED.  Here are your Power Plays for Saturday night.  Good luck!   Schedule for Saturday...

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NHL Power Plays 2/2/17

NHL Power Plays 2/2/17 The NHL schedule is a little wacky as we came out of All-Star break with a MASSIVE 14 game slate, then yesterday they threw us a three game slate, now tonight we get back to a normalized eight game slate.  The point of this article is to bring some attention to some players that I think could be part of your winning GPP lineups.  There aren’t any teams playing on a back to back tonight and everyone should be pretty fresh, so let’s dig into the plays for tonight!  Good luck!   If you have...

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NHL Power Plays 1/26/17

NHL Power Plays 1/26/17     Well this is the last slate heading into All-Star break, and the NHL has laid a MASSIVE 13 game slate on us.  The sites have put together some real nice contests for us tonight also.  There are a ton of possibilities tonight, and endless amount of combinations.  There are four teams playing on a back to back, but only Toronto is playing their third game in four nights also.  Tonight could easily be one of the highest scoring nights of the year with a couple nice matchups.  Keep an eye out for sudden scratches...

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NHL Power Plays 1/24/17

NHL Power Plays 1/24/17  As we head into the All-Star break we get a little bit of a crazy schedule this week.  Tonight we have a full ten game slate, where goals should be plentiful.  Its gonna take a big score to take down tournaments tonight.  That’s the purpose of this article, to find you that one or two plays that will help you jump up the leaderboard.  There are a couple teams playing on a back to back tonight so we will highlight those, and rest will be more of a factor going into this weekend, as team...

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