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NHL Power Plays 4/8/17

NHL Power Plays 4/8/17         With only two days left in the regular season there isn’t much going on because the playoffs are pretty much set, but there are a couple games that have meaning.   Nashville and Calgary are battling it out pretty hard to stay away from the Blackhawks in round one and if one of the teams loses they will get the Hawks.  The really interesting one is the wild card situation in the East.  The Leafs are fighting for their lives and they need to win tonight to clinch.  The Lighting and the Islanders are both...

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NHL Power Plays 4/6/17

NHL Power Plays 4/6/17         We got a 12 game slate tonight with a TON of implications.  For today’s article I will go over some of the implications and give a couple plays that I like tonight.  Make sure you keep an eye on the lineups right before lock, because teams that don’t have anything to play for will be resting players which means we could find some value plays at a nice price. When you are making you teams I can’t stress enough that you need to make sure your goalie is actually confirmed and starting.  Sites like...

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NHL Power Plays 4/1/17

NHL Power Plays 4/1/17     The regular season is winding down quickly with only about a week remaining.  There are still several teams fighting and jockeying for that playoff spot.  Tonight there is a smaller slate compared to normal with only six games on the main card.  The Devils are the only team playing on a back to back, most of the teams have had some much needed rest with this condensed schedule.  Looking at the remaining schedule and playoff races there are four teams that are eliminated and have nothing to play for (Red Wings, Devils, Jets, &...

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NHL Power Plays 3/30/17

NHL Power Plays 3/30/17   Tonight we get a solid slate with eight games. When you are making you teams I can’t stress enough that you need to make sure your goalie is actually confirmed and starting.  Sites like,, and are great places for information.  Another great place to get up to the minute news and information is the teams and beat writers for the teams themselves.  I have created a list on Twitter @Votts_DFS for all of the NHL teams, and a separate list of all the beat writers for you to follow, it’s a great...

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NHL Power Plays 3/28/17

NHL Power Plays 3/28/17 We are winding the regular season down, there’s only a little over a week left! There are 11 games on tap for tonight, and there are a couple nice matchups we can take advantage of. There are three teams playing on a back to back: The Sabres, Predators, and Panthers.  NHL dfs is kind of nice because there aren’t teams like the NBA that rest players heading into the playoffs. Plus the race for the playoffs this last week there are a lot of teams pushing and the point totals are really close. When you...

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