Author: Peter Christensen

NBA Thoughts 2/10/17

NBA Thoughts 2/10/17 NBA Thoughts by Peter Christensen aka DraftCheat Happy Friday and welcome to my FantasyDraft NBA Thoughts! We’ve got a nice slate on tap with several great games to choose from. Let’s dive right into some of my favorite plays on FantasyDraft for today’s set of game. As always, we are looking for players to reach 3x their salary. So, for a player priced at $10,000, we want to reasonably project him for 30 Fantasy Draft points. FantasyDraft also gives us a great deal of position flexibility with three guards, three forward/centers and two utility spots.  In...

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NBA Thoughts 2/3/17

NBA Thoughts 2/3/17 NBA Thoughts by Peter Christensen aka DraftCheat One of the great things about playing on Fantasy Draft is the incredible positional flexibility the product offers. With three guard spots, three forward/center spots, and two utilities, gamers can often roster the exact eight players they are most interested in on the night. That makes roster construction a lot of fun — however, it is important to remember your opponents also have this advantage. It is also crucial to be very picky when finalizing your roster. With nearly the entire player pool to pick from at each roster...

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