Author: Jason Walker

FanDuel NFL Value Plays- Week 1

FanDuel NFL Value Plays: Week 1 Let’s find some low-cost value plays at each position so you can mix/match your lineups to take down your tournaments this week. To do so, I’ll set a limit of $6,000 and we’ll have to go below the line to secure our values. We’ll look at quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends, and I’ll throw a couple of items around kicker and defense as well. Any questions, hit me up in the Comments Area or reach out to me on Twitter @JasonWalker_72. Quarterbacks: Dak Prescott – DAL vs. NYG –  $5,000...

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MLB Pitchers & Hitters Breakdown-9/5/16

MLB Pitchers & Hitters Breakdown-9/5/16 Summary It is very much a bizarre, holiday split slate for Labor Day.  Looking at FanDuel, they are divided into a six game slate beginning at 1:05 EST and a seven game slate that starts at 4:05 EST, with the latter featuring a Coors Field affair.  Where it gets weird is with FanDuel skipping the two evening games, though I suspect they will add them as a turbo game set later today. In the meantime, those two games can be found on other sites like DraftKings, where the two night games can be found...

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MLB Analytical Angles 9/4/16

MLB Analytical Angles 9/4/16 Summary Solid split slate today, with nine games going early (1:10 EST) and six more going at 4:05 EST. The Coors game is in the late slate and while I am going to list out all the names as if this were an all-day affair, I will call out when the participant is located in the LATE slate. In the interest of not listing a lot of Coors bats, allow me the following: that LH bats against Archie Bradley is a really good thing (negative K-BB%, more hard contact, 5.76 xFIP away from Chase. Also,...

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FanDuel Salary Overview – NFL Week 1

FanDuel Salary Overview – NFL Week 1 It’s finally here- NFL Week 1! It’s crucial to be aware of salaries and where you may find value in constructing rosters, so let’s review some players at different price points. Quarterbacks The Values: The first question is, can I or even should I trust Dak Prescott with the keys to my team in Week 1? He’s the absolute minimum $5,000 at QB on FD, and opens up so much on our rosters if he’s the QB. There are good reasons for concern with a Dak Attack for Week 1. The Cowboys...

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MLB Analytical Angles 9/3/16

MLB Analytical Angles 9/3/16 Summary Somewhat of a split slate today, with four games going early (2:20 EST) and the remainder of games launching at the usual 7:05 EST lineup lock. EARLY GAMES: The early games consist of leftovers from the HOU/TEX feast Friday night, and the fun should stop with Joe Musgrove, who struggles away from Houston (line up the Rangers again) and Derek Holland, who has to take on the litany of HOU righty bats (good to go). Also, Toronto goes into Tampa and takes on a shaky Blake Snell with their titanic righty bats (play ‘em)...

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